About Me

Hey Guys ! Jim OBrien here and this is my blogĀ  jimobrienblog.com. I have been in sales and marketing, along with some other exciting businesses my whole life. But I decided I wanted to find new ways to make money online, and eventually be able to retire and just do this and make money at home and while traveling.So I studied many companies and gurus out there, bought many programs, and spent lots of money until I had so much stuff I couldn’t keep up with it all and my head was spinning! And because I was chasing every shiny object out there, I wasn’t giving my self the proper time to get one thing done all the way. I was bouncing from project to project, and not truly mastering any of them. So…through many,many failures and tons of apparantly wasted time and money I finally said “There has to be a better way!” And like I was struck by lightning, a magical thing happened. I finally realized what I was really missing. A mentor or a coach that has succeeded at all of this stuff and could show me what to do and what not to do to really make this a reality. So I did. And life is having a whole new meaning now! So what I am now doing is putting all of my learning,training, failures and successes into my blog so that I can teach every one else out there that is trying to do the same thing as me, how to go about it the right way, and hopefully save them lots of wasted time and energy and money and have a more direct path to lead them to their success as well. So please follow my blog which I will be posting on weekly and let me help you to achieve your dreams and success. To your success, Jim OBrien