The Journey Begins Here

The journey to making our dreams a reality all starts with a thought, and then a plan, and then taking action and implementing .

  • Goals

    Hey Guys! Today I am going to touch on a topic that is very important to everyone’s success, both in business and in your personal lives. That is the topic of goal setting. We must set goals to achieve the things we want in life. And as a mentor of mine Dean Holland pointed out…

  • Freedom

    Hey Guys! Happy 4th of July/ Independence Day! For those of you in America you truly appreciate this holiday as a reminder of all of those that sacrificed for our freedom in this beautiful country. Take a moment and reflect and be grateful and send out love and prayers to all. On that note, also…

  • Getting Stuck

    Hey Guys! We all get stuck at different points of our building an online business. The thing to remember is that this is normal. So don’t get upset, worried or frustrated. Put your hand to the plow of your work with joy and start digging. Looking back will give you an excuse as to why…

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