Getting Stuck

Hey Guys!

We all get stuck at different points of our building an online business.

The thing to remember is that this is normal.

So don’t get upset, worried or frustrated.

Put your hand to the plow of your work with joy and start digging.

Looking back will give you an excuse as to why you shouldn’t  move forward.

A windshield is bigger than the rear window in a vehicle for a reason.

There’s more in front of you than what is behind you.

Tailor today that which you are called to do, so you will be equipped to take on the day and change what needs changing.

Until next time,

Jim O’Brien

8 responses to “Getting Stuck”

  1. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    The most important thing is to get unstuck whether it be with morning rituals, productivity hacks, and a daily list of tasks to do related to the business. A rhythm and a flow are necessary!

    1. Jim O'Brien Avatar

      Hey Kate
      Thanks for the comment.
      You are so right on having that rhythm and flow!
      That is definately needed to stay unstuck!

      Take Care,
      Jim O’Brien

  2. Marc Avatar

    Hi Jim,
    A mentor of mine used that same analogy but used the mirror as to why it’s smaller than the windshield!
    That being said, looking back can sometimes be worthwhile though: reflecting on how you reacted and got yourself out of a repeating situation can be advantageous and the learning experience fruitful.
    Wisdom comes in varied ways!

    1. Jim O'Brien Avatar

      Hey Marc!
      Thanks for the comment.
      So true about learning from your past mistakes.
      And yes wisdom comes in varied ways!
      Take Care,
      Jim O’Brien

  3. Ken McGarvey Avatar

    Jim Thanks for the post I like your quote “Tailor today that which you are called to do, so you will be equipped to take on the day and change what needs changing.”

    1. Jim O'Brien Avatar

      Hey Ken!
      Thanks for the comment.
      Yes, we need to follow the insights we get to change what needs changing and the courage to do it!
      Take Care,
      Jim O’Brien

  4. Sarah Goulding Avatar
    Sarah Goulding

    Loved reading your post – such a great reminder that getting stuck is part of the process. It’s all about pushing forward with a positive attitude and focusing on what’s ahead. The windshield vs. rear window analogy is perfect! Keeping our eyes on the future and tackling each day with purpose is key. Thanks for sharing this motivating message. Let’s keep moving forward and making things happen!

  5. Jim O'Brien Avatar

    Hey Sarah!
    Thanks for the comment.
    Yes we must keep moving forward no matter what!
    Lets keep on keeping on!

    Take Care,
    Jim O’Brien

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