Today’s post is about Goals.

In a recent meeting with my mentor Dean Holland,we talked about Goals.

It really got me excited, as I had kind of forgotten the importance of writing out our goals on a regular basis and working on them like a To Do List.

I now wrote out a list of 13 goals to get accomplished as soon as possible.

I wrote that I wanted to get them all done this month, although I now realize that is asking too much of me and my busy schedule.

I don’t want to end up stressed and overwhelmed, so I think I am going to just try and get a few of them done this month.

If I can get more done, then great, but if not it is ok. Just as long as I keep doing SOMETHING ! That is a goal in itself, to just keep taking action.

So everyone, set up a list of Goals, and make it a point to get a little done each day and you won’t be stressed, but will feel great with every little bit you accomplish.

We will both be working on this together.So congrats to you on your future achievements!

Until next time,

Jim O’Brien


3 responses to “Goals”

  1. Alison Blaire Avatar

    Great post, Jim! It’s so important to remember that goals should be motivating, not overwhelming. Breaking them down into manageable steps can really make a difference. I love your point about focusing on continuous action, no matter how small—progress is progress! It’s inspiring to hear you’re tackling this. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to stay consistent. Here’s to achieving those goals together! 😊

  2. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Jim, Writing down goals and treating them like a to-do list is such a helpful reminder. It’s wise to adjust expectations to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Focusing on steady progress, even if it’s small steps, makes a big difference. Thanks for the motivation and good luck with your goals! I’m looking forward to reading longer blog posts from you with more detail of what you are doing to build your affiliate marketing business. Give me a shout if you need any help.. Thanks, Atif

  3. tony Avatar

    Jim, your post on setting goals is a slam dunk! 🏀 Breaking them down into manageable steps is key—kind of like eating an elephant one bite at a time. 🐘 Thanks for reminding us that progress, no matter how small, is still progress. Keep at it, and remember,,, one small step at a time. Cheers to our continued success! 🚀🎯

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