Stepping Stones

Hey Guys!

Today I am going to talk about stepping stones.

When we get behind, or feel  frustrated ,and we feel like we are never gonna get where we are supposed to be in our online business, remember this…

Imagine trying to cross a river, and it seems impossible.But if you lay down a stone in the water and then another and another, slowly but surely you can step on those stones one by one and get to the other side.

It makes the impossible,  possible.

Remember the little poem you may have learned as a kid about the train trying to get up the hill.It would say, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, and eventually it made it up the hill.

Or the inch worm, who slowly slides inch by inch, until he makes it to his destination.

Or the turtle who crawls slowly but steadily and beats the hare in a race.

All these analogies are great to reflect upon when we find ourselves looking at a never ending future of work for our business, that seems hopeless.

Remember that doing one small thing daily, every day with consistency, will get us where we need to be.

Like the stepping stones across the river. So relax, take a breath, and just do “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” (remember that one!).

Until next time, like the guy on the beer commercial says “Stay thirsty my friend!’….

Jim O’Brien

7 responses to “Stepping Stones”

  1. Sarah Goulding Avatar
    Sarah Goulding

    Every little helps! Every 1% adds up and you eventually see yourself reach your target. Keeping focussed is the key.

  2. Martin Lefebvre Avatar

    I like that “stay thirsty” sentence😄 Often a single leap jump over the river is not advised. You might drop short in the water. Step by step, keeping the focus on the next step is the way to go. Each stone you place and move on is another milestone to your goal.
    I like this analogy. Thank you Jim !

  3. Vanessa Lea Avatar

    This is a great reminder when you imagine the lake being so vast and extensive to cross. It may not seem like you’re progressing much, but those little stones add up. Eventually, you will get to your destination and move forward towards another. It’s all about persistence, patience, and consistency. We all have it in us as long as we don’t get stuck and stay stuck. Great post, my friend.

  4. CJ Avatar


    Many times we get so busy looking at the mountain top that we loose site of the beaten trail that is right beside us. We must realize that trying to eat the elephant in one bit is impossible. But one small bit at time you can conquer it. As you pointed out affiliate marketing is not different.

    We need to follow the trail that has been blazed in front of us and walk it one step at a time. Then and only then will you reach the mountain top.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

  5. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Jim, thanks for sharing these insightful reflections on the journey of building an online business. Your analogy of stepping stones is spot on – it’s all about taking small, consistent steps toward our goals. Just like the train, inch worm, and turtle, we too can overcome obstacles and reach our destination with determination and perseverance. It’s a great reminder to stay focused, keep pushing forward, and celebrate the progress we make each day. So here’s to embracing the journey, one step at a time, and staying thirsty for success. Thanks, Atif

  6. Sherri Pulcino Avatar

    Good reminder to work on one small thing every day for our business. I try to do just that. We could say “Stay thirsty… for success!

  7. Lauren Millman Avatar

    I appreciate this, Jim. It’s less about the amount of progress you can make, and by when… it’s more about the fact that you’re consistently moving forward.

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