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Todays blog is about mindset.

It is so important to have the right mindset when trying to run an online business.Actually really to do anything in life!

If we let life’s problems get in our head, it is very hard to concentrate on what needs to be done to get ahead in our business and in life.

To start, if we can eat very healthy(which I know can be very hard) it will make our bodies and brains work in an optimal state of mind.

This healthy energy then fuels us to take on the day and overcome obstacles that would normally ruin our progress.

Next, if we can incorporate some movement into our morning routine it gets the blood and oxygen flowing to help us think and act in a positive manner.

Then, if we can spark our mind with some knowledge of a great article or book or training that will help our brain grow and be further stimulated, that is huge.

And finally do some kind of meditation to calm the brain and body, so you can be at true peace, to really focus on what needs to be done.

Try these things daily and you can have the ultimate mindset which will propell you to success in your life.

Until next time,

Jim O’Brien

8 responses to “Mindset”

  1. Sarah Goulding Avatar
    Sarah Goulding

    Mindset is so important in all areas of life. This is something that I have a huge passion for, especially for teaching our children.
    I do try and move daily, and eat healthily, but I have to admit this does need more work!!
    Thank you for the reminder that mindset is so important.

  2. Denny Medeiros Avatar

    Mindset is so important, as you said starting with eating well, the right fuel, gut health impacts minds ability. From the list you provided I struggle more with movement and activity. I could and should do better. I was very athletic until about 29 years old, then back injuries caught up with me. it’s been hit and miss since, but a working on it more in the last year. Thanks for sharing your post!

  3. Nakina Lawson Avatar

    Mindset seems to be the key to doing anything well. And, it’s good to be as healthy as possible no matter what you’re doing. A healthy body is going to have a healthier mindset.
    Adding continual learning to top it all off can keep the mind young and engaged. Thanks for reminding us of this. This is not something to sweep under the rug while we grow our businesses.

  4. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    Mindset is a powerful weapon for entrepreneurial success! We must practice everyday, because each day is a new opportunity and lifetime. A new day. A new life!

  5. John Avatar

    Hi Jim, I am totally 100% with you on the mindset. I am constantly resetting my thoughts and mindset. I realize the importance and thank you for again reminding me what I must do to achieve the success I desire.


  6. CJ Avatar


    Mindset is the center on which everything revolves. It determines whether one will succeed or fail.

    The saying is change your mind, change your life.


  7. Sherri Pulcino Avatar

    Mindset is probably one of the most important aspects in life in general as well as business. With the right mindset we will be successful and have a fulfilling life.

  8. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Hey Jim, thanks for sharing these mindset tips! It’s true, having the right mindset is key to success in business and life. Eating healthy, staying active, seeking knowledge, and practicing meditation are great ways to keep our minds sharp and focused. I’ll definitely give these a try to fuel my journey towards success. Looking forward to your next post! Thanks, Atif

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