Hey Guys!

Today I want to emphasize on Focus and Discipline.

We really have to be disciplined to take a certain amount of time out of each day to get certain things done.

And if we do this then we can focus on the task at hand.

And if we continue to do this daily then we will form a habit.

And when we form GOOD habits then great things start to happen.

And this my friend, is where life starts to get really nice.

So try this yourself, and see what good things you can start to achieve.

Until next time,

Jim O’Brien

8 responses to “Focus…”

  1. Kate Loving Shenk Avatar

    Good habits do begin with discipline and focus. No excuses or mindsets of procrastination will get us what we need in terms of changing the world for the better. Time to make our dreams a reality.

  2. tony Avatar

    Yes indeed and I think these are my two biggest challenges, I get distracted and lose focus and I lack the discipline not to get distracted.

  3. Alison Blaire Avatar

    Jim, this is so true. Focusing on the importance of discipline and consistency in our daily routine is crucial for achieving success. By dedicating time each day to specific tasks and staying focused on our goals, we not only cultivate good habits but also pave the way for great things to happen in our lives. I just read a great blog post that challenges you to do something consistently for 18 minutes a day for 100 days. I like challenges like this because 18 minutes is doable and when you do something consistently it creates the habit !

  4. Robert Klein Avatar

    So true about emphasizing focus and discipline!

    I concentrate on three areas and I form good habits from working out three times per week; working my marketing magic; and learning how to do the first two better…it’s all about being healthy, wealthy and wise.

    I am one to believe that a short blog post can be just as effective as a long one. I look forward to your next.

  5. Sherri Pulcino Avatar

    You’re absolutely right! It all begins with discipline, then focusing on our tasks. As we cultivate good habits, that’s when we start to see positive changes unfold.

  6. Ernie Avatar

    So true!!! Focus is hard at times when there are so many distractions that can lead us away from where we need and want to be! I stumbled upon your blog and look forward to following!

  7. CJ Avatar


    You are 100% correct! Nothing is achieve in life without focus and discipline. One thing to remember is that discipline starts with the mind.

    Learn to control the mind and success will be within your grasp. By working on the mind the rest will fall into place.

    Keep striving and staying focused.

  8. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Jim, great advice. In fact, I would go as far to to say that these are the most important things. They form part of your mindset and mindset is the number one thing you need to be successful, not only in affiliate marketing but in life in general. It’s your mindset that dictates how you react to what you do in everything. So if we get that right then other things are a lot easier all the best thanks, Atif

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