My First Blog…

Well Hello My New Online Friends,

As you may know already if you have read my About Me page is that I recently got involved in online businesses to make extra money so I could

retire and make money from home and also do so while traveling.Now though I was very good in many different businesses during my life, I found

that I knew very little about running an online business.And through many,many hours of chasing shiny objects,and new programs and spending lots of money I realized I was doing it wrong.I was trying to do 15 different businesses at once, and never being able to put the proper time in one to actually make it work properly.

So with my head spinning and frustration at about a level 10, I decided there had to be a better way.And thank God I found it.

That better way was to get a mentor and a coach that had already done the things I was trying to do and show me what to do and what not to do.

As in everything in life that we choose to do and want to exceed at, we need a mentor, or a teacher,or a coach.And so it finally dawned on me, why would this be any different. So I got me a great mentor and now my life is alot different.And so my goal now is to document all that I am doing,my failures , my successes, my trainings, and my wins,so that I may be able to help others that are trying to do what I did learn the real secrets of what to do and not to do, and how to have a more direct path to get to where you want to be, without all of the hassles and headaches and wasted time and money.It’s my way of giving back, I guess you’d say. So please follow me on this journey, by following me on this blog that I will be adding new insights, updates, and experiences that I am having both good and bad every week , to help you get to your true level of happiness and success at a much faster pace.Until my next post….

To your success,

Jim OBrien

8 responses to “My First Blog…”

  1. Atif Perwiz Avatar

    Jim, you are right, a great mentor is very important in fact I would say it’s impossible without one. I look forward to reading more about your journey. All the best. Atif

    1. Jim OBrien Avatar

      Hey Atif ! Thanks for the comment. A mentor is definately a game changer. I actually wrote to you on your post last week, I hope you got to see it.I will continue to follow you and your journey as well.

      Jim OBrien

  2. Robert Klein Avatar


    Good start with your first blog post!

    I think you’ll get the attention of others in the same boat:

    – make extra money online
    – retire comfortably
    – work from home


    Travel is a big one on my list as well.

    I’ll be following along to see how you make out.

    1. Jim OBrien Avatar

      Hey Robert! Thanks for the comment.And yes I believe many people can definately relate to wanting to
      -make extra money online
      -retire comfortably
      -work from home
      And do so while traveling!! That equals a GOOD life!! To both of our Futures,
      Jim OBrien

  3. Sarah Goulding Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more. I look forward to following you on your journey.

    1. Jim OBrien Avatar

      Thanks Sarah for the comment! I look forward to following you as well…
      Jim OBrien

  4. Nakina Lawson Avatar

    Jim, congratulations on getting a mentor AND starting a blog! I can tell the mentoring is already paying off! I look forward to watching your blog and business grow. Cheers to you!

  5. Jim OBrien Avatar

    Hi Nakina!
    Thanks for the comment. I am excited about this journey and will continue to report on it weekly.
    So check back in. Take Care, Jim OBrien….

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